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When Blush eGroup came to life in 2007 to fill in the gap that exist in the SEO world. We realized that business owners are often facing the same problem when wanting to hire SEO consultants: the choice is often limited between inexperienced freelancers achieving poor results and greedy major SEO corporations with no individual focus for their clients.

Our mission is to provide top quality SEO services that will improve our clients’ Google rankings (and therefore increase their revenues), in an honest and professional way. We are genuinely passionate about helping our clients to succeed online, unlike major SEO corporations that focus on revenues. Our team of SEO specialists can help you achieve your online goals.

We Are A Medium-Sized Google SEO Firm, And We Want To Stay This Way

According to our company mission, We focus on quality, not quantity. Our team consists of 10 SEO specialists. Each with over 7 years of SEO experience. We limit our number of clients to 50 to make sure each of them receives personalized SEO services, and we are genuinely passionate in helping them succeed online.

A Word from The CEO

I remember when starting out, investing $2000 per month on SEO seemed like an enormous sum of money. I went the cheap way and hired multiple SEO consultants offering SEO Services. Some of them delivered poor results. Some of them even got my site’s rankings go down due to their black hat SEO techniques again Google’s terms of use. Another company even got my site totally banned from Google’s search engine!

I learned my lesson and hired a major international corporation offering SEO Services, They would charge me an insane amount of money and delivered mediocre results, wrote SEO blog posts lacking great content and had me waiting for days everytime I would send them a question by email. This is when I decided to build my own SEO team, and start a customer service focused, result-driven company offerin SEO services. Buy Google SEO™ was born.

Your online revenues are directly linked to the amount of money that you invest in Search Engine Optimization and SEO Services.

Increase your revenues by hiring our team of SEO Specialists

Here is some simple math taken from my personal experience when I launched my first online business in 2007: When I invested nothing in SEO and got clients from conventional off line marketing, I would average $2000 in monthly revenues. When I started to invest $2000 per month by hiring a Google SEO firm, my revenues increased to $15 000/month after only 6 months. We can help you achieve your online goals. Order now or contact us with any questions that you may have.